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From sophisticated timepieces for the modern man, to diamond engagement rings for that special lady in your life – at City Centre Maadi we have a selection of premium quality watch and jewellery outlets, all dedicated to providing you with the very best in glamorous wrist wear, necklaces, earrings and rings. Whether you prefer the classic style of a Rolex Oyster or want something cutting edge and ultra-chic, our jewellery and watch stores have what you want.

 L'azurde’s selection of stunning, in-house collections is unique and utterly gorgeous. Here you’ll find bridal jewellery, the finest in gold and platinum, and exclusive brands such as Boudoor, Riwaya, and Hayati. They specialise in both contemporary and classic designs, so no matter what your style, they’ll have the perfect piece for you. Watches are an essential part of modern life, so if you’re looking for a chronograph that not only tells the time accurately but reflects your personality and who you are. Choose from such renowned brands as Omega, Baume & Mercier, TAG Heuer, Delma, and Sheaffer. You can also find a fabulous selection at our other watch shops, including KAMAR Watches and I-Watch.

Check out our list of jewellery and watch stores below and plan your next shopping trip today.

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