Press Release


Fashion Comes Alive at City Centre Alexandria and City Centre Maadi this Spring

Spring time is here, and with it come colorful and stylish fashion trends at City Centre Maadi and City Centre Alexandria, owned and managed by Majid Al Futtaim.


Both malls welcomed the spring with many surprises and interactive games for the customers, during the campaign that took place from 1-30 April.

At City Centre Alexandria, shoppers who spent EGP400 or more at any of the mall’s stores were eligible to participate at the grand draw, where 4 lucky winners won EGP10,000 each. Shoppers with the same purchase value were also given a chance to participate at the unique game of Live Window Display, where they got to pose as mannequins for 5 minutes in a mock-up shop window, with the other shoppers attempting to distract them to change their still position. Winners of this game each got a shopping voucher for EGP100, with a total of 600 winners throughout the campaign. Moreover, a special stand was allocated for shoppers to take photos next to, as they paused as mannequins. To top off the fun, three fashionistas were invited on 12 April to shop for the trendiest spring look and pause with the shoppers at the Live Window Display challenge.

Over at City Centre Maadi, the scents of the spring were all over the place as shoppers got to play the exciting game of Flower Hunt. Those who shopped for EGP500 or more got the chance to participate at the game and winners got instant prizes in the form of EGP100 shopping vouchers. The number of winners throughout the campaign totaled 600. The shoppers were also eligible to enter into the grand draw where 4 luck winners won EGP10,000 each. Finally, a spring parade rocked the mall on Easter day, to spread the joy and celebrate the holiday in colorful outfits and entertaining performances.

City Centre Maadi and City Centre Alexandria are renowned for creating great moments for everyone, everyday, and this spring season campaign is a testament to them continuing to deliver on their promise.